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Welcome to our web site (“”).

These General Terms and Conditions of use dictate the access to and use of The access to and use of this web site as well as the purchase of products on are based on the condition that these General Terms and Conditions of Use have been read, understood and accepted by you.

The webpage (hereinafter the “website”) includes an electronic shop, which is the online presence of the company under the name “IOANNA KARAMANEA” and the business name “ROMINA KARAMANEA ” (Tax Reg. No 144112674, Tax Office DELTA ATHINON). The company's e-commerce office is located at 36 Sina str., 10672, Athens, Greece.

Please read carefully through these Terms, prior to using this website or engaging to a transaction.


“ROMINA KARAMANEA” brand’s main concern is to create a happy clientele providing an intimate customer service to the users/ members (hereinafter “customers”) of the website on a daily basis. Through our e-shop we aim at creating a lasting interactive relationship between us and our customers. Additionally, this e-shop is accessible to all internet users who wish not only to receive direct information on the company's products but also to complete a purchase through the e-shop, by means of distance online order, provided that the company has the necessary stock.

“ROMINA KARAMANEA” focuses on a direct and pleasing customer service, operating constantly in a responsible manner in a scale of a small operating team and contributors willing to serve customers 24/7 on the customers’ best interest, building a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding.

The present terms fully comply with the current European and Greek legislation; users are requested to acknowledge the company’s right to modify any provisions of the present terms to the extent that such modification would neither affect legally binding obligations of either party nor affect any accomplished situations. The customer is responsible to check periodically the present terms and conditions and he/she is exclusively responsible in reference to the use of the website. The use of the website, the subscription and the transaction (submission of order) implies the acceptance of the present terms and the outcome of a sale agreement with the present terms.
We maintain the obligation to keep our customers always informed and secured. In case you have any question regarding the present terms please contact us on the tel. +30 2130376570 or send us an email at the electronic address

«ROMINA KARAMANEA» retains the right to suspend either temporarily or permanently our services, following the completion of any pending obligations to customers, in the brands discretion. Notice to such unlikely event will be given. The access and use of including downloading product information, display of pages, communication with us, making purchases are performed by you the user for personal purpose, which should not be linked to any form of trade, or business activity. You will be held liable for your use of and its content. We the provider will not be held liable for any illegal use of the website and its content by users. 



The entire content of the website including images, pictures, drawings, texts, logos, and symbols is the intellectual property of ROMINA KARAMANEA and it is protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European Law.



«ROMINA KARAMANEA» aims at presenting the brand’s products throughout this website in the most accurate manner. In the event of failing to do so, we reserve the right to correct mistakes or inaccuracies updating the relevant content of the site, proactively without any prior notification. Considering the nature of the products, the visual aspect, colours, fabrics etc, depicted on the website, may differ sometimes despite our efforts for total accordance to reality. Therefore in case the product you select and receive, does not meet your expectations, you can return it for the terms of withdrawal and return described on the relevant clause on our website.



Placing an order through our e-shop initiates a distant sale agreement, governed by the legal framework of Law 2251/1994 regarding Consumer’s Protection, as applied. Being a legally capable person, according to the respective Greek Civil Code, meaning you are not less than 18 years of old and placed under guardianship. « ROMINA KARAMANEA» retains the right to claim the value of the sale agreement or any damages incurred by the sale agreement from supervisors or guardians of legally incapacitated persons.



  1. Once you have selected the item(s) you desire, being on the item’s page, please select size (when applicable) then please click the Add to Bag button in the right hand side.

  2. Once you have added all the products you desire to have, then please click on either the pink View Cart button on the right hand side pop up window, or you can choose to click on the shopping bag icon on the top right hand side corner when you are ready and then please tap on the same pink View Cart button to view your priced product selection(s).

  3. Once on the shopping bag (cart) page, if you have any Promo Code do click on the pink promo code button on the left hand side, if not please proceed by clicking on the Checkout button on the top right hand side corner.

  4. You are now requested to fill in your shipping details.

  5. Once you do so, please select the appropriate to your delivery destination, Delivery Method.

  6. Having done so, you are then kindly requested to select the desired payment method, you have the following options:

    • By charging your Credit/Debit Card (You will need to fill in your card details)

    • By PayPal, assuming you have a PayPal account.

    •  If you are in Greece you can pay by cash on Delivery, please note there will a 2 euro charge for this service.

  7. Once you select payment method and follow the necessary steps, please click on    

Continue and then as long as you have read our Terms & Conditions, please tick the appropriate box. You will also have the option of adding yourself to our mail list.

You are now ready to place the order.

Having done so please expect an e-mail from us, confirming receipt of your order, and the processing of it. 

Please note that any stage of the process you have the option of emptying your shopping bag, simply by clicking on the Remove button, on the left hand side next to the item’s photo(s). Our order process also allows you to check and amend any errors before submitting your order to us.  Accepting an order does not legally imply the completion of the sale agreement but the initiation of an information exchange and we reserve the right to inform you that your order cannot be processed. The order and sale agreement is completed as soon as the ordered product is delivered to you.  All products are subject to stock availability, we will be doing our best to have the relevant information up to date, in the event of a lapse in the information of stock availability of the item(s) actually ordered by you, we reserve the right to recommend similar items to the ones initially selected, and if you do not consent to such an option, then we are bound to refund in full, the amount that you might have paid.  


Your order will be fulfilled by the estimated delivery lead time set out on the dispatch confirmation. We are unable to foresee or predict any event outside our control, which may delay delivery. We will inform you in this case for a revised delivery date. Products will be your responsibility when the parcel reaches the indicated by yourself, destination. You will the sole owner of the selected products once we receive the full payment of it including applicable delivery costs.

International Delivery

In case you order products from our e-shop, for delivery to one of the international destinations, outside the EU, your order may be subject to import duties and taxes applied when delivery reaches that specific destination. Please note that we cannot be held responsible or capable of having control over such additional costs. Before placing an order, it will be recommended to contact your local customs office for a relevant enquiry. You are expected to comply with all applicable laws and legislation of the destination country.


In case we fail to comply or breach any of the above terms & conditions, we are liable for any incurred loss or damage you may suffer. On the contrary we are not responsible for any unpredictable loss or damage that might occur. Whenever the breach of the sale contract between you and us, liability will be allocated to either of the two parties, us the provider of the website and you the end customer, accordingly. 



For shipments within Greece delivery charges apply as follows:

In  Attica within 1 working day, delivery charge for orders under €350 will be €2.80. For orders above €350 delivery will be free of charge. Should the customer choose to pay on delivery there will be an additional charge of €2.00. 
In the rest of Greece within 1-2 working days, delivery costs are €4.5 for orders under €350. For orders above €350 delivery is free of charge, Should the customer choose to pay on delivery there will be an additional charge of €2.00. 

For shipments to Cyprus within 2-3 working days delivery charges are €12 up to 2kg of parcels. For additional weight, additional charges may apply. 


For international shipments the following apply: 
In the EU countries within 2-3 working days, delivery cost will be €13 up to 1kg, €15 up to 2kg of parcels. For additional weight, additional charges may apply. 

For other European destinations outside the EU the following apply: 

Delivery to Belarus, Iceland, Malta, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and the Ukraine. 
Within 2-4 working days delivery cost will be €15 up to 1kg, €17 up to 2kg of parcels. For additional weight, additional charge may apply.


Rest of the world destinations the following apply: 

For shipments to the USA, Canada & Mexico the following apply: 
Within 2-4 working days delivery cost will be €16 up to 1kg, €18 up to 2kg of parcels. For additional weight additional charges may apply. 

For shipments to Asian countries such as Azerbaijan, China, Hong-Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore and Vietnam the following apply: 

Within 2-5 working days delivery cost will be €18 up to 1kg , €20 up to 2kg of parcels. For additional weight additional charge may apply.
For shipments to Australia and New Zealand the following apply: 

Within 2-5 working days delivery cost will be €23 up to 1kg, €25 for up to 2kg of parcels. For additional weight, additional charge may apply.

For shipments to Middle East countries such as Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates the following apply: 

Within 2-4 working days delivery cost will be €17 up to 1kg, €19 up to 2kg of parcels. For additional weight additional charge may apply.

For shipments to Latin American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay the following apply: 

Within 2-5 working days delivery cost will be €23 up to 1kg, €25 up to 2kg of parcels. For additional weight additional charge may apply. 

For shipments to North African countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia the following apply:

Within 2-5 working days delivery cost will be €17 up to 1kg, €19 up to 2kg of parcels. For additional weight additional charge may apply. 

For shipments to South Africa the following apply: 

Within 2-5 working days delivery cost will be €23 up to 1kg, €25 up to 2kg of parcels. For additional weight additional charge may apply. 

If you order products from our site for delivery to one of the international delivery destinations outside the EU, your order may be subject to import duties and taxes which are applied when the delivery reaches that destination. Please note that we have no control over these charges and we cannot predict their amount. You will be responsible for payment of any such import duties and taxes. Please contact your local customs office for further information before placing your order. 



You have the right to return your order in whole or in part within ten (10) working days from the date you receive it as provided in the terms of use. In such case please ensure your items are returned unused and with all «ROMINA KARAMANEA» garment tags still attached. Returns which do not meet our policy standards will not be accepted and will be redirected to you. Please also include in the return package the payment receipt and a copy of the return e-mail. Please note that we will be bearing the return delivery costs for only defective items following the procedure described below,.We are bound to refund the value of the returned merchandise minus the initial delivery cost within 20 calendar days.


In the unlikely event that the product received does not comply with the terms of the sale agreement, you should contact us immediately, providing the product code, describing in detail the defect through e-mail ( or by phone at +30 2130376570 and you shall receive instructions for further action. You can return the product to the indicated address ensuring that the returned items remain unused with all «ROMINA KARAMANEA» garment tags still attached. Returns that do not meet our policy will not be accepted and will be returned to you. We will access the nature of the defect and get back to you. Please include in the return package a printed copy of your e-mail describing the problem and the initial payment receipt. We will arrange for a return delivery dispatch and contact you for details of the pick up arrangement. Refund will take place as soon as possible (within 20 calendar days). You are entitled to the refund of the item(s) value including initial delivery cost amount (if any).


«ROMINA KARAMANEA» is not providing a replacement service. For the reasons described above, you are requested to return the product following the process also described above, claim a refund and complete a new order. All products returned undergo a meticulous quality control by our team.For your own convenience and better interest it is recommended that you carefully check your order upon delivery, ensure that packaging is intact detecting any apparent defects. Please make sure you communicate the defect if any immediately.


Respecting and safeguarding of your personal data and privacy is a concern for us of paramount importance. Not only we are bound to comply with the General Data Protection Rule 679/2016 (GDPR) valid from the 25th of May 2018, but we consider it as key element of our customer care process.


Personal data are any information which is related to an identified or identifiable natural person. The data subjects are identifiable if they can be directly or indirectly identified, especially by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or one of several special characteristics, which expresses the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, commercial, cultural or social identity of these natural persons.


The following privacy policy depicts the respective policy of the company «IOANNA KARAMANEA» under the business name «RΟΜΙΝΑ ΚΑΡΑΜΑΝΕΑ» , References in this privacy policy to «ROMINA KARAMANEA», «WE», «OUR», «US» refer to the above company as mentioned in detail in the section   « terms of use». As both the controller and processor of your personal data we are totally aware of our legal responsibilities towards the protection and security of such data collected with your consent, from you. We are the sole controllers of the manner your personal data is collected and the purpose for which they are used. Our policy governs the data of either visitors to our website or our e-shop and the process around it. If any one does not concur with our policy, he or she is free to seize navigating on either our website or the e-shop. You are also more than welcome to express any thoughts or grievances related to our Personal Data Protection Policy through e-mail at


While you navigate our website: or you subscribe to our newsletter or register to events through various social media, or login to our e-shop you will be requested at some point to and you might do so, provide us personal data such as your name, address, e-mail address, phone number and gender. The e-mail address you might provide to sign up to our e-mail service or register through online forms, might be used to send you information, respond to any inquiries of yours, promote special offers on our end, or invite you to participate on special events. You also need to be aware that visitor’s traffic and activity is tracked and monitored through Google Analytics, in regards to which you can refer to the privacy policy of Google Inc. Such data are used only to optimise the use of our website and do not sustain identifiable personal information such as name, contact details, or credit card numbers. At any point you may withdraw your consent for your personal data availability in our records and therefore request for your data to be deleted at the following e-mail address : In order to carry out any transaction through our e-shop and subsequently place an order, you will be required inevitably to provide personal data such as your full name and surname, delivery address and a phone number. In the event of selecting if using a credit card as a payment method, you will requested to provide your card number, the card’s expiry date and finally the three(3) digit security code. If for any reason we are requested by you to issue an invoice we are also bound to ask for your VAT number. Providing us all the above information is necessary for any transaction or order to be completed. By using our website and e-shop you are automatically providing us your consent to process the necessary personal data so as to complete and efficiently deliver the order to you. You are therefore declaring all information as such is true and accurate.


Your personal data are maintained in our records for the duration of the transaction process. Following the completion of the transaction and for the duration of the legally required period of time for reviewing or returning products and refunding if necessary, your data will be kept stored through the pseudonymisation process. We may also process your personal data for promotional purposes such as competitions and special offers.


In regards to your personal data, the following rights have been provided for you by law.

  • The right of access and oppose play a central role in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) .The right of access allows you, the data subject to exercise further rights (such as rectification and erasure).An omitted or incomplete disclosure is subject to fines. We, the controller must check whether any personal data of the person seeking information is being processed at all. The right of access includes information about the processing purposes, the categories of personal data processed, the recipients or categories of recipients, the planned duration of storage or criteria for their definition, information about the rights of the data subject such as rectification, erasure or restriction of processing, the right to object, instructions on the right to lodge a complaint with the authorities, information about the origin of the data, as long as these were not collected from the data subject him or herself, and any existence of an automated decision-taking process, including profiling, with meaningful information about the logic involved as well as the implications and intended effects of such procedures. At any time you may have access to your personal data that we keep, to modify, correct or update it, even to oppose at any time for whatever reason, the processing of your data. You always have the right to withdraw your consent or even request permanent deletion from our records. To do this either follow the steps listed on e-mails sent to you by us, or file a relevant official request through e-mailing us at or by phone at +302130376570. Having proved the identity of the you the subject requesting personal data deletion, we are then bound by law to action immediately, and cease using your data, and furthermore delete all your personal data from our databases. We will also take reasonable technical and organisational  measures to inform external collaborators not to process on our behalf your data, though our company has not been deploying yet or planning to do so in the near future, outsourced associates.  

  • The right to be forgotten and right to erasure. The correspondingly-named rule primarily regulates erasure obligations. According to this, personal data must be erased immediately where the data are no longer needed for their original processing purpose, or the data subject has withdrawn his consent and there is no other legal ground for processing, the data subject has objected and there are no overriding legitimate grounds for the processing, or erasure is required to fulfil a statutory obligation under the EU law or the right of the Member States. In addition, data must naturally be erased if the processing itself was against the law in the first place.


As by your consent, we are appointed controllers of your personal data for the purposes described above, considering the state of technological development, regardless the cost of implementing efficient and resilient security measures, protecting your personal data against malicious or unlawful processing is a major priority for us or even accidental misplacement. Your personal data, through the use of an upgraded encryption system, following the completion of transactions is transmitted securely. Your information is stored in our systems located on our premises and all our employees who might have access to your data, are legally prohibited to disclose or share your personal information, and restricted to only using it for the scope of our sales contract with you. Your data will only be disclosed when transmitted to relevant banks for the completion of a transaction between you the customer or user and us the company (ROMINA KARAMANEA) 

Our company maintain the right to amend this policy when necessary to comply with any relevant regulation.

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