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Photos by Bill Georgoussis

                                                                                   AUTUMN/WINTER 2018-19


The collection was inspired by the art movements cubofuturism and constructivism, especially the dynamic series of art Lyubov Popova made in 1916 called "Painterly Architectonics".

Geometry and abstraction is seen in the way the whole collection is cut and sewn, while a palette of muted hues blend and result into striking colour blocked compositions. The designer worked with a soft vegan suede that makes dresses, tops, skirts and ponchos as easy to care as it is to wear. Colours include rust, dusty pink, burgundy, silver, black, mustard and grey. All garments within the collection have enough stretch to make them comfortable as well as flattering to most body types. Being loyal to a zero-waste design approach, Karamanea created an A-line mosaic coat fully embellished in suede fabric scraps. using traditional sewing techniques such as applique and patchwork.


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