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London Fashion Week - Photos by

                                                                                   SPRING/SUMMER 2011


Spontaneous, emotionally charged paintings with exhilarate and pensive strokes were instant inspiration for Romina this season: ‘I felt like I was in a field of colour’ in reality the designer had popped to see her artist friend Hermes for a glass of wine.

Moving away from the monochromatic: abstract expressionism and the glorification of painting is an intense stimulus. There is a languid, sensual feeling alive in the print, adjoined with a more stark statement, through the designer’s linear composition, craft and construction. Exploring a new technique of layering the lucid lyricism of the print is in contrast to an intersecting weaving technique, displaying discipline with it’s signature structures.

Inspired by natural phenomena and geology the prints are featured in three remarkable colour stories: The White, The Red and The Blue.

Poetic, floor length, silk gowns styled with tailored jackets with exaggerated lapels graduating into void to reveal a second trace. Matrix-like layering, inspired from the concept of cloning, that multiply from the point it originates into a different species.

So we see interesting plays with opacity and convergence, especially when two different garments morph into one.

Voluminous, silk trousers with paper-bag waists are off set when worn with Masculine, Poplin shirts. Shirting is adjustable and sometimes merging into a sporty leotard. Diaphanous, contemporary pieces placed over classic coats and trousers that subvert time, to a more modern era. Split skirts, mesh bodies and playsuits with racer-backs inject a sporty feel that is very wearable.

Words by Sarah Sabner


London Fashion Week - Freemasons Hall - VFS

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